3 Design Tools for Marketing Professionals

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For a professional design for your marketing campaign, you should hire a professional designer. However, sometimes you need to show the mockup or a rough prototype as a proof of the concept to the client. You might also just want to develop a quick yet fun image, or even a digital flyer to share on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. ‘

For situations like these, it is not necessary to have years of experience using Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign in order to create perfect design work. There are numerous different tools available using which non-designers can use without the need of years of training and skills.

Following are some of the tools being used by marketing pros and other non-designers out there, out of which some are absolutely free as well.

Adobe Stroke

Adobe Stroke is one of the most famously known storytelling platform which allows you to combine videos, photos, texts, and slideshows in a single standalone web page. It is free to use and one can log into the Adobe stroke using their Adobe, Facebook and Google Accounts. Designed for the non-designers, Adobe Sparks can be used in order to create social graphics, animated videos and web stories with no prior requirement of technical knowledge.


Another free, browser based editor, Pablo helps you to create engaging images which can be used for the social media postings. One of the most important ways using which you can get attention on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is to come up with the perfect mishmash of text and images. For example, Pablo helps to increase and decrease the size of your text according to your wishes, change the font types along with colors, blur pictures, add icons and so much more!


Vennage is a free infographic generator that offers more than hundred templates which are going to help you tell your marketing story in a visually appealing manner. Your infographic can be enhanced by adding icons and images from Vennage’s own library. You can also customize it by changing the fonts and colors. Even though this is a paid service, they also offer a free plan for students.


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